About Hollis

Transformational PLAY is key to making life changes that last.

It really can be fun, simple, and empowering to begin to see how much a hand you have in transforming your life and livelihood into something you absolutely love and are proud of.

“Changing your life is not only possible, it's completely doable with subtle shifts in how we speak to ourselves and the world, and consistency. Baby steps add up to leaps...”

Transformation teacher + author + speaker
Journey of my life

A former CEO turned entrepreneur, mother, multipassionate human


graduated from u of w in seattle

set out to be an actress and enjoyed success on the stage and screen for 30 years


became an arts exec

co-founded and ran several arts-based companies, many are still thriving today


entrepreneur + mother + horses

ran a successful real estate business before turning my focus to transformational teaching, being mom to 2 daughters, traveling as often as possible, and jumping horses