FEB 21, 2024 @ 10 AM MST

Are you interested in finding what’s lying hidden in your story?

Are you curious about what meanings and interpretations might be lurking behind the facts about your life that are causing you unnecessary pain and problems?

Your story is what you tell yourself and the world, out loud and in nonverbal ways, about how life was and is for you. Your story is what you hold to be true about yourself and the circumstances of your life.

How you tell your story, whether you are conscious of it or not, impacts everything you do, every choice you make, your expectations of life, and your every outcome.

For some of us, we might not even know that a story drives our lives.

For others, we may know our story, but might not realize that within our story, there is fact and there is fiction, and both function in our lives in very different ways.

None of your story is wrong. It’s your story and all of it matters.

Sometimes, though, the fiction in our story can lead to dead ends in our worldviews and experiences without us knowing it.

We may be blindly led for years by how we interpret a life event, not realizing that we are treating fiction as fact. These blind spots can wreak havoc on our lives and keep us from deeper happiness and fulfillment, and we may be completely unaware that this is happening.

If you want to learn how to separate fact from fiction in your life story and gain the ability to have a more direct impact on your own life experience—with more peace, power, and possibilities at the ready—join me for my upcoming Liberating Your Story Live Webinar.

The next workshop is on February 21, 2024 at 10 am MST/9 am PST/12 pm EST on Zoom.

In this 90-minute LIVE transformational webinar, you will learn the exact steps to liberate your story, once and for all, including how to:

  • Uncover the story that drives your life
  • Separate fact from fiction in your story
  • Determine what fiction deserves to stay in your story and which parts are ready to be rewritten or released
  • Honor the fiction that had led you down dark alleys
  • Reinterpret parts of your story that will empower you and the world around you
  • Apply a surefire way to know when you are creating unhelpful fiction and a proven strategy to choose again
  • Gain more authority over your story as it evolves with you on your journey
  • Claim more authenticity, joy, power, freedom, and possibilities for your life
  • Learn fast and effective WORD HACKS that can completely transform any situation from stuck to solved


What does serving our clients and customers actually mean?

Do you find yourself hitting walls in the sales process, with outcomes that feel more frustrating than fulfilling?

Are you looking to up-level your business and reach new goals this year?

For all my entrepreneur and realtor friends, we will:

  • Unpack transactional and relational approaches to sales
  • Learn simple HACKS that can lead to unexpected solutions for you and your clients
  • Explore what true success can look like when you shift your focus from numbers to relationships

There will be a Q&A at the end to help clarify your action plan, plus you get a workbook to accompany the workshop and facilitate your ongoing practice of liberating your story.

Grab your chance now to join dozens of others who are choosing to empower themselves by releasing the fact from fiction in their life stories!

About Hollis

Dear friends! I'm a breakthrough coach helping fellow creatives, change-makers, and entrepreneurs discover what else is possible.

A belief I learned in upper-level math still guides me today: if there is a problem, there is a solution, you just need to find your way to it—even if you can't see it yet. You have a blueprint in you that will lead to your greatest sources of joy and fulfillment when you begin to listen beyond the closed-door thinking you've been conditioned to follow, to a new way of seeing opportunities in every challenge.

Love, connection, peace, and power are your birthright, and I will show you how you can gain more ownership of your one precious life and trade in surviving for thriving.